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 Point-X Location Intelligence maximizes ROI for our clients


 New business operations


 Existing business operations


As demonstrated in our 3D-Video presentation, Point-X can simulate the success potential of a location before spending millions for leases, leasehold improvements, inventory, and employee wages. Using customer behavior analysis we determine the likelihood of selected customers visiting you business establishment. We use all the variables necessary to arrive at a solution, such as demographics, competitor locations and brand values, actual drive times (not "as the crow flies"), traffic patterns and a detailed customer behavior simulation. Point-X determines the optimal business location by combining artificial intelligence with years of personal experience. <<More>>


An existing location may be the best location, but the performance does not match the expectations. You need to consider management performance, product mix with respect to demographics, marketing efforts, customer habits, and any other identified factors. Point-X determines the area of improvement to maximize ROI. Also how do factors such as shopping habits, customer perception, construction projects and a variety of other factors influence your locations now and in the future. Before renewing a lease or making a major investment in a current location, Point-X provides the intelligence to make the right decision. <<More>>


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