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Point-X revolutionizes expansion or reduction strategies as well as mergers & aquisition situations.


Visualization of Point-X's Artificial Brain creating 5th generation location intelligence.
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Companies spend billions of dollars every year attempting to determine the right business locations to open, close, merge, acquire or revitalize. However the lack of real location intelligence as well as the more then 40 year old methods of traditional approaches prevents them from maximizing their strategies.


Across all industries, the inability to process multiple information layers and simulate real customer behavior has perhaps been the single largest problem in the execution of any location related strategy - strategies that often involve millions of dollars, sometimes billions. It is common that an inadequate $20k GIS/modeling system produces the intelligence on which a company invests 500 million dollars over several years. The implementatoin results then often reflects the poor quality of this $20k tool.


The explosive growth of markets as well as available real estate has further increased the complexity of selecting the right locations for your strategies.


The Point-X Location Intelligence however is a breakthrough. Consisting of a set of sophisticated patented technologies in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Geographical Information Systems and Datamining, it provide a new generation of location intelligence that has only recently become available with the recent increases in available calculation power.


The result is, eliminated risk and propagated return on investment





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